Monday, October 16, 2017

Because You Love to Dance

Jackie Lopez

I love you because you love to dance.

I am intrigued by your passion stance.

I salute you in the unequivocal way of the shaman.

Stand forth and hold your crown.

We have been wavering for a long time.

You are a troubadour in spirit and heart.

And, the Earth plane is at your disposal.

You have found your champion of human rights.

Start a plan.

Come for the second coming or just come over to dance.

Fanciful maneuvers are your flagrant freedoms.

You are clementine, and your divorce lawyer salutes you.

Try and escape the welfare office forever, and you will still

be devoid of anger.

I am your installment of the holiday plan.

Call me a heretic.

I shan’t repent.

I have a lot of goings-on with the Universe complete.

He tells me to watch the aforementioned developments on the planet.

And, I know the drummer.

Call me lover.

Call me easy.

Call me a wicked kisser.

But call me.

Telepathy can reach you instantaneously in all manner of geography.

Even the North Pole hears us.

I am stuck in traffic considering the fines I have coming to me.

There is sure to come a time when we are needed, most of all, as dancers.

And, just like the whales fish in the sea, we will be ready.

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