Monday, July 17, 2017

We Share the Same Soul

Eye stained glass mosaic.

Jackie Lopez Lopez

I am not a rocket scientist, so, believe me when I tell you this:
We share the same soul.
Do not cast me aside like a perpendicular softball.
Do not throw me away like a secondary luncheon date.
Do not handle me with triumphs.
I am a cast-away in the loneliness avenue just like you.
And, I love it!
God speaks to me just like he speaks to you, so, you better
tell the omens to bode well.
The reason why you read me like a book is because we have
an antagonistic becoming in the elephant room.
I shall do you no harm.
I forgive you everything…
the strength in your eyes.
I am a Samba Bodhisattva, and I am pure of heart just like you.
You already have my soul.
I know I cannot impart wisdom soon enough.
You have been wanting me to speak to you for a long time.
When we were young, you gave me a heart attack and I couldn’t speak to you.
Now that I am much older I am still young.
Kiss the sanity out of me.
Drug the internal commotion.
I will shout out your name from my balcony.
People will be coming from everywhere just to hear me prophesize.
You intuit the drum licks to my dance.
Love is the greatest synonym to God blasting a hole through
the universal consciousness of becoming.
I take my pledge to offer you matrimony as soon as I can.
I am not without resources.
I no longer drive.
I have a candid camera that I will never use.
I keep still in the mornings.
I sip my coffee like a religion.
I dine on the asphalt of my lonely years.

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