Monday, June 12, 2017


 Jackie Lopez Lopez

From deep within the caverns of your soul,
I see your eyes pollute my airwaves.
So, I lounge in bed lying close to the window listening
to the freeway sounds and the ocean floor.
I cast a spell as ancient love has taught me.
I say, “I love you.” And you flinch.
I do not know what other witchcraft to practice except the obvious.
I wish for your magic sticks.
I lay claim to the Universe Supreme for you are my Twin Flame.
I have never met a soul such as mine.
I have never known a more magical man.
So, please come at night and steal my breath.
I get a heart attack every time I go up to your face.
I never know if I should hide under a veil for safety before I say,
“You are lovely.”
I shan’t deny the drama between us.
For twenty five years, I have used your name as my medicine.
I shan’t flounder again.
I will repeat it until the day I die.
I cast a spell upon a populist outside of myself, knowing full well
that we are one and that it is impossible to do so.
I cast a spell on myself, “Woman! May you have the strength of a thousand
Buddhas to kiss him on the lips.” 
I am allowed my era of weakness.
I am allowed my era of strength.
I am allowed my era of solitude and beguiling sentiments like those above.
I shan’t destroy my underwear.
I shall rise…
I shall arrive like the thieving masses in an uproar.
I shall castigate the onlookers.
I shall betwixt and bewitch Heaven on Earthers.
I know no kindness like the back hand of a hierophant.
I have capitulated to the lady with her purse.
I wear dresses too.
I know I shall frighten you away with my beguiling sentiments.
But I know you are my muse.
You give me power.
You give me yourself.
You give me creativity.
You give me mystery.
You give me love.
I shall hide away with it when the time comes.
It will be enough for me ‘til the day I die.
Hopefully, you shall have mercy on me and let me dance.
Little angels are fluttering about us.
The Gods and Goddesses are strutting around us.
God himself lifts me from my bed.
I tell you no lie,

I rise.

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