Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Jackie Lopez Lopez

The Underworld traveled me and gave me worthiness.
And, in the darkness he waited for me for 12 years.
I am leaving the forest of endings
and entering the sun and ocean of new beginnings.
I have startled a blue jay as I put on my shoes.
The butterflies write me an opus.
The Pepper trees guarding my room whisper their blessings.
The doves of my childhood are cooing.
And, my encyclopedias are coming back to me.
My Barbie dolls are organizing a rebellion.
My letter is already in the mail.
Oya gave me my wedding dress.
And Yemaya gave me my bathing suit.
Chango gave me my grammar skills.
Aliens are visiting to say goodbye.
Pumpkins from long ago Halloweens are smiling for me.
The faeries promise to give me away on my wedding day.
A volcano in Guatemala is erupting.
A bonfire in Puerto Rico is dancing.
I am leaving.
I am leaving.
I am getting married!

As poet: Jackie Lopez Lopez is based in California. She was a founding member of the legendary Cabin Twenty, a collective devoted to the very best writing the heart can muster. Her poetry has appeared in The Hummingbird Review and La bloga, among other venues.

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