Monday, October 30, 2017


Jackie Lopez

I am struck by the thunder in his eyes.
I am struck by the voice of his soulfulness towards me.
I shall awaken.
I am already starting to see the stars tonight.
Learn your lesson well.
You will be made to account for your playfulness.
It is fun to account for one’s wherewithal:
traveling is my source of enchantment.
I have traveled the emotions of fear, joy, and love.
I have been accosted to no end by fears of disjointed spirits.
Nowadays, it is a miracle to even document such travails
but I do.
I often sit back and watch as my Achilles’ heel is being taken for a ride.
The roller coaster of hope and despair knows me well.
I have traveled along the Nile and other saintly salutary places.
I know to make out as though I am sleeping while my cells dance.
My beloved kisses my pineal gland, and I feel safe in those times.
Now, I am tied to a string of infidelity, but I am not unfaithful.
I converse with the bees and butterflies that have no reason for fluttering about me.
I move in certain circles where I wear my baggage in my eyes.
I have moved mountains and found repose in letters to the editor.
I keep on travelling.
It is a long distance.
It is a great journey.
I know damn well that I am a survivor of witchcraft.
But it is only magic.

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