Monday, September 18, 2017

Every Day I Write in Love's Book

Jackie Lopez



Samba queen,


It all took its toll on me.

I take care to not damage anyone’s reputation, but love harnessed me.

Love took me by my hair and led me to the dance floor.

I shook in perspiration and the thrill of it all.

I announced to all that love has come and found me.

I am the predecessor of my nonchalance with the wine makers.

I have no shame in what I share with God.

He tells me to point to the arrow of despondency.

I claim the Universe Supreme.

I count my many stars.

I have been anointed and disappointed to no end.

I dwell well in large spaces.

I know no other recourse but to be in love.

I have my mischievous ways.

Love is a power.

It is the power that fuels my misguidedness.

It is meaningful and ordinary.

It is magnificent and merciful.

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