Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Mystery

Jackie Lopez Lopez



I am running on the ether of adulterous faith.
A shaman called me a slut.
So, I left the land of Egypt looking for an evolution.
I found magic on the side of the road with a slice of snow.
I found the sacred and lost the profane.
The sound of the setting sun is heard miles around.
And, the musicians have lost their dancer.
I take to playing in the field of alcoholic anonymous, only, I don’t drink.
I took the raven and borrowed her hair.
I took the morning glory and reflected her peace in an oceanographer’s school of matrimony.
I called a drummer and made an appointment.
I disappointed an officer and a gentleman.
I smell like safety and serenity.
I look better than yesterday and almost as good as tomorrow.
I told the busboy at the restaurant not to clean up my act because I know better.
I told the cleaning lady that I would pretend to be her babysitter.
Never keep all your marbles in one basket;
you might want to keep some for your soul.
Never tell a teacher you are pregnant;
he might want to touch you at school.
I learned how to pray in Spanish and kneel in English and dance in African.
I learned how to read and write from the Electric Company.
Never wear your glasses when you want to sing to me.
I don’t wear my glasses when I dance.
I miniskirt around the issues because I don’t like unpleasant conversations.
If you wish to know my point of view, look for me in poetry.
The answers are always found in the dance, the drum, and when you least expect it.

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