Sunday, June 4, 2017

I Am in California

Jackie Lopez Lopez

We shall be married in a fortnight or when the alarm goes off.
Circumstances don’t know me.
The truth of plans avoid me.
A timetable disappears in the wind.
The selfish elves don’t know I am leaving the forest to marry you.
I am in California.
Stake your claim on me, and let’s be homesteaders.
I will say “yes” to any crop you want to grow-I am ready!
I am building an evolution next to our Garden of Eden.
The river through our land sings gospel songs.
The birds sing the blues.
My organism dances to your every emotion.
And the worms till the soil.
I will stand on a cloud.
Our soul song will water the fields.
You have always nurtured me with such elegance and grace.
I am a thunder storm dancer, and I am from your tribe.
I am available for consultation.
Let’s be homesteaders.
I am in California.
There is gold in the mountains.
There are spiders in the web.
Send me a message through the telepath office.
I am in California, and I am still alive.
I love you very much!

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