Monday, June 26, 2017

A New Beginning

Jackie Lopez Lopez

My dreams act like new.
My sandals are speaking.
My dresses are twirling.
And, my pain is full of glory.
I found the love in the house of all horizons
and was acquitted of too much loving.
So, I danced to dance a lot.
I thought the earthquakes in California were divine.
I thought the tsunamis in Spain were slow.
I cried in my sleep when I was 12.
I read a Spanish book when I was 6.
I stole a glance at Joey Fordham from my classroom window in the 5th grade.
I was enslaved in the house of the rising sun.
I was freed in the song of a sugar plantation.
I committed anthropology when I was 25.
I committed adultery when I was 34.
New beginnings are hard to come by,
but it’s nothing that a little crucifixion and resurrection can’t fix.
My journal promised me land.
I live by the light of the naked moon.
I smile with the sand beneath my feet.
I plant a seed in the apple of my dreams.
I know how to dive into an ocean of ingratitude and come out grateful!
I know how to raise a saint from the pit of the Devil’s workshop.
I know how to begin anew.

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