Sunday, May 28, 2017

We Are Being Guided and Protected

Jackie Lopez Lopez

We were twins lost in the cosmos of rebellions.
I shook off the dream of the world and fell in love with you.
I frequented the bus stops and stole your lollipops.
I was in the neighborhood of good behavior.
We were multiplying ourselves in secrets.
Why tell the sabotage entrepreneurs the truth?
I will ride in your car the same way I ride your drum.
I will take care of you in the heartland of the opium fields.
We have taken to heart the airplane of emancipation.
My kingdom can be found in a handbag with lipstick.
When I was taken to the bill collector,
I was harnessed with a horse.
I was pursued by officers in debate.
Never take please for an answer.
The mirror in your room haunts me.
Divine timing I am told knows about divine sex.
I am a mysterious opium of the masses,
because I love you with all my wherewithal.
My feet stomp the floor for you.
I dance the note before it hits.
I am told by the music of life that
we are being guided and protected
just as you have always protected me on the dance floor.

As poet: Jackie Lopez Lopez is based in California. She was a founding member of the legendary Cabin Twenty, a collective devoted to the very best writing the heart can muster. Her poetry has appeared in The Hummingbird Review and La bloga, among other venues.

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