Monday, October 2, 2017

Bring Me Latin Jazz

Jackie Lopez

Bring me Latin Jazz in a faucet
so that I can turn it on whenever I want.
Bring me Samba in a saucer
so that I can lick and play.
Bring the Bossa Nova on a plate
so that I can take delight.
Bring me flamenco in a wine glass
so that I can dance and sing the night away.
I think I will rent a helicopter for just such flights.
I’m in trouble with the law
and don’t I know it.
I’ve got the scars to prove it.
I’ve been manhandled and in need of some musical healing.
I looked for myself in the waters of the oceans
and found myself escaping to wondrous places.
If I could return to Café Sevilla, I would,
but I have an aberrance to postmodern architecture.
Give me the free , give me the born, give me the one who is on fire.
I dance all Sunday and go to work on Monday.
I sing on Tuesday and have such a fun time at work.
I kiss his picture with my eyes and wonder about him.
All I know is that I am made of fresh paint and am liable to mark his cheek.
The piano is the symphony, the drum the heart, and the guitar my lover.
I will remember you always until I have dropped dead in the cellar.
Don’t tell anyone I am a beautiful flower languishing on the vine.
Eat apples instead.
It is much healthier for you.

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