Monday, August 14, 2017

The Decline of Patriarchy and the Rise of Feminine Energy

Jackie Lopez Lopez

The rose above my head has blossomed and says, “Speak your soul to me.”

The patriarchal aliens have left the planet.
The oceans are emerging out of the sea.
The cosmos is all aglow.
And, many a theatre buff is touching the hem of my garment.
Cinderella found her shoe and decided to swim with the Mermaids.
Snow White became immersed in literature and reads to the 7 Dwarves.
Beauty made her way to the Congo.
Jasmine left Bagdad and made her new address The Magic Carpet.
And, my soul says, “Sing it softly.”
Mother Earth says, “Dance loudly.”

I’ve got a pocket full of envelopes to send letters across the world.
I’ve got a computer and a surprise email account.
I’ve got misbehavior and a lot of gumption.

The angels are playing our song.
And, I hear it.

The men have started wearing mini-skirts.
The women have started to paint.
And, the arrow shot by the Goddess is resounding all over the world.
Robin Hood’s wet dream has come alive.
A lover speaks through the drum.
And, social change is whispering in the winds.
Pyramids have been found underwater.

Feminine energy is climbing the kundalini of humanity.
We feel love, compassion, and intuitive wisdom.
Many of us are finding each other.
Many of us are afraid.
Many of us long for your embrace.
Christ consciousness has become an adulteress, and Mary Magdalene has returned.
“Kiss me on the lips,” she says, “For you never know when your story will be read.”
Patriarchy is eroding at the seams, and love is exploding into streams.

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