Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Open Dictionary

Kathryn A. Kopple

Insouciance needs afflicting and élan eliminated. Entirely.
The job requires more than a few brave volunteers.

Soul isn’t lost spelt backwards.  Angel isn’t saving
Spelt backwards.  Ghost isn’t holy spelt backwards.

Above all, humans are feeling animals convecting
Into higher mathematics or an overly Latinate vocabulary.

Circumvent the difficult messages wrapped without addresses.
They are absent-minded faces. Do not neglect the small party favors.

Sound of a husk peeling from the cob. Sound of pebbles underfoot.
Sound of falling coins.  Sound of knees rubbing together.

Of a coastline that, when measured properly, circles
The earth, and keeps circling. Of a coastline immeasurable.

Who and whom are not equal.  A whom is always in charge.
The authority wielded by a whom is never questioned.

It is difficult to make blood look real. Hitchcock used chocolate
Syrup before Kensington gore prevailed. It looked blood enough.

War has been declared on everything from weed to warp to whiff.
Whatever it is, however you say it, it’s war.  Arsenals grow fat.

A dozen speak on a daily basis. They crowd in because rent is cheap
and stay for years. Lately, some have been clamoring to get out.

Pots are where things hide.  The smaller the pot, the greater the secrecy.
Pans are tattle-tales.  Never trust a pan to do a pot’s job.  Never.

OUR AMERICAN GOVERNMENT (June 1974) consists of 185 Questions
and Answers. “Who was the asshole who ordered it?” is not among them.

Bio-artists discover that humans are the greatest threat to bio-spaces
Given the propensity for humans to not look where they are going or are.

Lingerie is doing a brisk business in Egypt.  Hence the article “Learning
To Speak Lingerie.” Lingerie, it turns out, is not so different from Esperanto.

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